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Module custom_import

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| This file is part of the web2py Web Framework
| Copyrighted by Massimo Di Pierro <>
| License: LGPLv3 (

Support for smart import syntax for web2py applications

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An importer tracking the date of the module files and reloading them when they are changed.
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custom_import_install() source code
track_changes(track=True) source code
is_tracking_changes() source code
custom_importer(name, globals=None, locals=None, fromlist=None, level=-1)
web2py's custom importer.
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Variables [hide private]
  INVALID_MODULES = set(['', 'applications', 'custom_import', 'g...
  TRACK_IMPORTER = TrackImporter()
  __package__ = 'gluon'
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custom_importer(name, globals=None, locals=None, fromlist=None, level=-1)

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web2py's custom importer. It behaves like the standard Python importer but it tries to transform import statements as something like "import applications.app_name.modules.x". If the import fails, it falls back on naive_importer

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set(['', 'applications', 'custom_import', 'gluon'])