Welcome to spaced, a free valid CSS & XHTML strict web template from spyka Webmaster. This template is free to use permitting a link remains back to Should you wish to use this template unbranded you can buy a template licence from our website for 4.00, this will allow you remove all branding related to our site, for more information about this see below.

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Purchasing a template licence for 4.00 (at time of writing around $7.80) gives you the right to remove any branding including links, logos and source tags relating to spyka webmaster. Payments are processed using paypal, with which we are a verfied member, via the licence page on our website which can be accessed at


You are free to edit this web template as much or as little as you wish. To alter the page content and structure open index.html in any text or web page editor. To alter the look, colours and style of the tempalte, open styles.css. Our partner website, spyka Web Design offers customisation services for our templates from as little as 10!

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<? echo('Hello world'); ?>

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